Thursday, January 15, 2009

Talking Stick Festival Feb. 9-15

I've been working at Full Circle now for a few months. I've been helping them organize the annual Talking Stick Festival that is coming up in February. We launch the Visual Arts Exhibit on February 1st, followed by a benefit concert with Ferron on February 7th, and then the festival proper, which runs from February 9-15. It's been a good opportunity to connect with the urban First Nations community here in Vancouver, including the Constant Arts Society, and the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre, among other groups. It has also been interesting meeting a variety of people in the Arts community here.

We have plans to show some of the Haidawood movies, including "Yaanii K'uuka" and "The Golden Spruce" at the Talking Stick Festival, most probably on the Youth Night, Thursday February 12th, at the Roundhouse, and also possibly at the Ab-Cab on Saturday February 14th. Stay tuned!

In other news, there was a short blurb about the Haidawood movies in the "In Brief" section of November 2008 issue of Haida Laas - the Newsletter of the Haida Nation.

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Kenneth Leslie said...

Ferron had to cancel her show, which was a disappointment. Instead, we had Winston Wuttunee come in, and work his magic. So far, I've been most impressed by the music, fun, and magic of Becky Kalubuk and the beautiful Celina Kalluk. Their throat singing has been amazing!