Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Trip up to Haida Gwaii?

I've been in touch with Jusquan about making a trip back up to Masset to work on another two Haidawood movies. One to make a movie version of a story that was told on the CBC radio program Legends, and another a story about carving a totem pole. I'm hoping to make it up there for the end of August. Jaalen and Gwaai will be performing their play, Sinxii’gangu, at Kaay Llnagaay, the Haida Heritage Centre in Skidegate on August 23rd. I hoping to be able to catch the play while I am up there.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Well, a lot has happened since my last post. First off, in April, "Hoopla!" was chosen to be in the winner's circle at Isuma TV. You can read a short review called "What's All the Hoopla About?" here.

I also recently submitted "Hoopla!" to the Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival. The festival is scheduled for Nov. 19-23.

And, Jusquan and I are having a conversation about me returning to Haida Gwaii at the end of August to work on a whole set of movies. We're still in discussion, so we'll have to see what comes of that. I'd like to get back to the islands and make a few more stopmotion movies. I've also gotten interested in making some muppets, and I think that would make for a fun and quick alternative to stop motion.