Sunday, July 20, 2014

Haidawood at IACCP meeting in Reims France

I am here in Reims France, where the International Association for Cross Cultural Psychology (IACCP) meeting has just wrapped up. I've been coming to these meetings for years now with my mum, Dr. Josephine Naidoo. My mum is now professor emeritus in cross cultural psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo. For the past decade, I've been coming with her to IACCP meetings around the globe, mostly to help her carry her bags and help her walk around (it is getting harder and harder for her to walk around). So far, I've gone with her to IACCP meetings in China, Germany, South Africa, and now France.

The IACCP meeting is truly international, with diverse participants from around the world. This year, I met researchers from Russia, China, Japan, India, USA, Australia, Georgia, Columbia, South Africa, Nigeria, to name just a few of the countries represented.

This year, I presented 2 posters. One on Haidawood, shown here, and one on the Health Enrichment through the Arts (HEARTs) project that I conducted with my sister Dr. Michele Leslie, up on Haida Gwaii. I had a lot of interest in both posters, and I am hoping this might lead to new possibilities to enhance Haidawood and/or apply the Community Animation approach to other indigenous communities worldwide.  

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