Friday, September 12, 2008

Golden Spruce and Yaani K'uuka done

Last night was a big night: we finished filming for Yaanii K'uuka literally just in time for a 9 pm screening at the Haida Rose Cafe in Old Masset. We also showed the Golden Spruce story, which we finished animating on Tuesday. Both movies were well received, along with Hoopla!, which we made last year. I still need to add the Haida language dialog to the Yaanii K'uuka story, and I've arranged to get a jam session together tomorrow (Saturday) at 3:30 pm at the Haida Rose Guest House to record the musical soundtracks for both movies. I anticipate that we will have a whole range of singers and drummers there to help with that. I also need to work in the nature sounds at some point... so, a lot to do.

We've booked our ferry ride home, now for Tuesday Sept. 16th, a full 11 days later than planned! And, well, that can happen!

I appreciate all the help from the lady Shannon Reynolds. She's been very patient with all the production delays, and she's been an absolute life saver for all her help taking care of the crew as we've all been working night and day on the project.

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