Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back on Haida Gwaii

I'm back up on Haida Gwaii, and starting work on a short movie about Yaanee Ku'kaa, a witch from Haida legend. I came up with my friend, the lady Shannon, from Shambhala, where we were busy slinging shisha and chai at the Oasis Shisha Lounge. We made the trek up here in Shannon's van, stopping at the half-way hot springs outside of Nakusp, and then the Bob Inn near Williams Lake, for the yearly Bob Inn Daze. So, it was quite the wonderful adventure getting up here (including the choice cabin on the ferry ride here - that was a score).

So, now I find myself surrounded by bionicles and cardboard and other crafting materials. We're just getting started on pulling together the story board and puppets. We've got two weeks to make two movies: one on Yaanee Ku'kaa and another about the golden spruce... I'm also hoping to catch Jaalen and Gwaai's play while I'm up here, not to mention any number of other festivities.

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Evelyn von Almassy said...

Hi Ken
I met you on the road to Massett today. Hope that you had a good cup of coffee at Rising Tide Bakery. I LOVED "Hoopla". I was serious about the Academy Awards. Do you know/have interest in that? I would look into it for you if you are. Please email me at as I want to confirm something before I write about it. Haaw'a, Evelyn