Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Workin' like Mad

Well, we're into the final stretch, and we still have a lot to go, if we're to finish the movie for tomorrow night! Sharmeen and I are planning to host a potluck at Shannon's place on Thursday (tomorrow!) night. The plan is to show the short (5 minute?) movie, and nosh on some yummy food. Also, we're scheduled to meet with the elders tomorrow, to have them provide the sound for the movie.

We've added a giant to the script, and we're waiting for Ernie to deliver the Raven head. The Raven plays a key role in the film. Here's to gettin-r-done on time!

You can see pics from last night's shoot here.

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Michele said...

Hey all,
The court and game are lookin' great. Basketball is an awesome theme to have settled on - I'm sure it will have resonance with kids and community in Masset. Can't wait to see the final cut. Hi to everyone - and good luck with the last mad hours of filming!
love Michele (in Pemberton)